Lets be Humans

Imagine a world where your entire accounts payable entry process can be completed with a few clicks of a button. At Being Humans, we are striving to solve this issue. My name is Luke Nelson, co-founder of Being Humans. Everyday millions of invoices, receipts and pay apps are manually entered by accounts payable staffers across the world. With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, I’ve seen firsthand how laborious this process can be. From regular hardware store invoices, receipts and pay apps to complicated pay applications, the likelihood of a human making a mistake is around every corner; even the most professional of employees have been known to transpose a number or miss a zero or two. As a business owner, why would you want to pay an AP Clerk to do hours’ worth of work when it can be done in seconds? 

Our company’s mission is to eliminate repetitive human data entry where possible. Simply put, we want humans to be humans, to think strategically, to be a valued member of the team. Will you make the change today? Will you make your company more efficient? Will you make your company more money? Or will you do things the old way, because “that’s how it’s always been done.” The choice is yours